Processing Time

It will usually take 3-5 days from the date of purchase to pack your order and drop it off at the post office.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Packages will normally take 1-2 weeks within Canada, 1-4 weeks within the USA, and 2-6 weeks everywhere else.

Tracked Shipping

I only send packages using tracked shipping. This option protects us both and after I drop off the package at the post office I will share the tracking number with you. Tracked shipping allows me to buy insurance, track the package, and launch an investigation if the package does not arrive. When launching an investigation, the postal agency will ask if you have checked with your neighbour, your mail box, your front porch, your lobby, etc. Please make sure you have exhausted these first. Once this is done, I can launch an investigation. I will keep you updated and give you the case number. 

I used the wrong shipping address

If you contact me before I ship the package, I can change the address on the package. If the package is already sent, there is nothing I can do. If possible, I suggest contacting the resident of the shipping address you used. I can always recreate the piece but it will be subject to the same cost.

My piece arrived damaged

I try my best to package my pieces with the utmost care to ensure they arrive safely to you. In the event that a piece arrives damaged, please take pictures and communicate with me so that we can discuss options. 

Duty/Customs on International Orders

Acahkos Designs is not responsible for any Duty/Custom taxes and fees imposed for orders outside of Canada. The purchaser is solely responsible for these additional costs, and will not be reimbursed by Acahkos Designs.

I lost an earring

I can recreate the earring but it will be at the cost of one earring plus shipping. You will also need to send/text a clear picture of the earring. 

I broke a piece

If you broke a piece I can try to repair or recreate it but at the cost of the repair plus shipping. If I have to recreate an entire earring then it will cost one earring. 


I use a variety of materials in the pieces I create. The materials used in the pieces I create will be listed in the description of the piece. I use nickel and lead free findings. The price of the piece will reflect the materials used such as semiprecious stones, charlottle cut beads, dentalium, bicones, gold-plated beads, silver-plated beads, porcupine quills, swarovski crystals, etc. I also use two types of thread for my eaarrings; FireLine thread and Nymo thread. FireLine thread is a highly durable thread and Nymo thread is strong but flexible, perfect for allowing movement in fringe earrings. 

How do I care for my earrings?

Properly storing your earrings will ensure your earrings will last and refrain from damage. Please hang your earrings or lay them flat to store. Do not store them in direct sunlight as this could cause the beads to fade and the thread used for the fringe to crinkle. Also try not to get your earrings wet. Water causes the thread used in the fringe to crinkle.